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A bit of history and links to genealogy projects in Ireland

Irish Genealogy and History societies have existed  for years in various cities and towns in Ireland.

Most records were hand written, and with help of new technologies are being digitized for permanent archiving.

The first internet connections between researchers arrived in late 1970 as Bulletin Boards used until email systems became available to the public.

About 1995 the first genealogy website went online under the name Genuki.

The next website also went online in 1995 and it was known as Leitrim-Roscommon.

The first full Ireland Genealogy Project started with   one county in March 1996 as Leitrim. By 1997 that project known as IRGenWeb and had grown to 32 counties.

Once the flood gates opened, many new projects came online and some of them are listed below.


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Ireland Genealogy Projects

Ireland Genealogy Archives

Ireland Headstone Project Go here to obtain forms to enter your family headstone photos.

Fianna originally Hideaway

Genuki, the first known project

Olive Tree

IrelandGenweb 2000 version

History of IGW and IGP

Ireland Genweb.com 1997 version and some links are still good.

Cousins Connect



Raymond's County Down

Banbridge Down Genealogy

Catholics of Ireland Records taken from several listed counties



CMC RP Project by Tom Cleary.

This website specializes in posting free onsite records of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Ireland, but there are other types of records, all online and all free to researchers.

Cyndi's List Millions of links

Catholic Officers 1693 Dublin

If you find a dynomite URL to a website very helpful to researchers, please email it to admin.


Emerald Ancestors

UK Genealogy Links

Go Ireland

BRS Genealogy

Irish Times

Ireland Roots

National Archives

Island Ireland

Ancestry Ireland

Genealogy Freelancers

Records Ireland Dublin Based


Famous Shamrock-L List 1st choice for Ireland Genealogy Projects (IGP TM)

Fermanagh Gold-L a records oriented list covering all counties bordering on County Fermanagh.

Gen Forum pages from everywhere.


Ice Age History before people arrived.

History of the Irish Race  Please take with a grain of salt. There are hundreds of other versions, with few agreements on facts.

History of UiMaine Book of O'Kelly

Histories for kids UK oriented.

Ballykinlar Prison Book (copywrited)

Ireland History In Maps Developed by Dennis Walsh

Ireland's Piper Stones by Norma

Book of O'Kelly, Kindly provided by cousin Conor O'Kelly of Dublin

About Old Connaught by donkelly

About The Castle of Cashel