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Beowulf For Kids

translated by don kelly


To those particular teachers who encouraged my interest in reading and writing: that primary school teacher who fed us a steady diet of, "Canterbury Tales;" that middle-school journalism teacher who found ways to keep us focused on the story line; that high school english teacher who grilled us daily in Iambic Pentameter and Dactylic Hexameter; those university professors who taught creative and technical writing, though miserly given to praise, rewarded, "an inate ability to synthesize materials from beyond the requirements of the course."

With the love of ancient literature came an integral interest in old music, for we find in many instances, folk-tails chanted by the ancient Scop, (story teller) ), accompanied by a hand held stringed, harp style, instrument. Granted I have taken liberal literary license with Beowulf to make it interesting for kids.

Based on an early interest in ancient literature, I always harbored the theory that ancient manuscripts could be translated into elementary versions interesting to kids. To follow will be yet untranslated versions of Plato, Homer, Gilgamesh, and others. I hope to fullfill two important purposes with these stories; that they be read and understood by children, and that they pass the inevitable critical review by scholars of ancient literature.

Study Outline For Beowulf:

    o Chapter II
    Grendel, the monster from hell, attacks Herot, King Hrothgar's great hall

    o Chapter III
    Beowulf hears about the monster and crosses the ocean to help

    o Chapter IV
    Beowulf in Herot Hall brags about killing dragons and sea monsters and says that Grundel will also fall

    o Chapter V
    Beowulf pretends to be asleep, but sets an ambush for Grendel and rips the monster's arm off

    o Chapter VI
    A celebration of the defeat of Grundle with fears that Grundel's mother will seek revenge

    o Chapter VII
    Grendel's mother kills Hrothgar's oldest and best life long friend to avenge the injury to her son

    o Chapter VIII
    Beowulf swears to his grandfather, Hrothgar, that he will hunt down and destroy Grundel and his mother

    o Chapter IX
    Beowulf enters the deep swamp, finds a magic sword and rids the world of the predatory Grundel family

    o Chapter X
    Beowulf is heaped with praise and gifts by his greatful grandfather, King Hrothgar

    o Chapter XI
    Beowulf returnes from his voyage and tells his family and his Uncle Higlac about how he destroyed Grundel

    o Chapter XII
    Now king in his old age, Beowulf's land is besieged by still another fierce dragon

    o Chapter XIII
    Beowulf and best friend Wiglaf team up to kill the dragon, but Beowulf is grieviously wounded

    o Chapter XIV
    Beowulf dies of his injuries and is given a magnificant funeral fit for a King. Beowulf's kindom falls apert after his death
The story of our hero, "Beowulf" is coming soon. Don

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