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1997 to 1998

NOTE: This website is published with written permission by Doctor Diana Hanson who did the research, wrote the web pages, and holds copyrights to her intellectual property. These pages were downloaded from the GENCLASS Server in 2002.


1996: The WorldGenWeb Project was created by Doctor Dale Schneider in an effort to answer the growing needs of genealogists world-wide. Doctor Schneider also served as the first Chairman for WorldGenWeb during 1996.

1997: As Chairperson of WorldGenWeb, Diana Hanson created thirty-two county webpages for Ireland as part of the UKGenWeb Projects. Counties of that project were put up for adoption in September 1997.

During the following year about half of the county pages were adopted by County Coordinators while Diana maintained the rest. 

1998: In late 1998 Diana donated some of the project databases to Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy (FIANNA, formerly Hideaway). Most County Coordinators of second generation websites joined other Ireland Genealogy Projects like Fianna, SIR, GENTREE, GENUKI, IGP, USGW, or the new IGW started in 2001.

Since September 1997 the project webpages were displayed on the GENCLASS server where Diana Hanson  updated the pages until 2000. 

In 2002 Diana gave written permission to Ireland Genealogy Projects (IGP)TM to display the original orphaned  IrelandGenWeb county websites, a set of excellent genealogy lessons with research forms, and several useful databases.

Many researchers and visitors enjoy reading old genealogy websites. Most of the links are broken and probably will not, or cannot, be restored, BUT many links still work. They appear here as snap shots of what they looked like at the end of 1997.


This is a hybrid website containing material, partly on this IGP website and part on the GenClass server. Find the first generation pages here and the second generation pages on GenClass.

ORIGINAL PAGES: (First Generation) 

Click on Original. to jump to the index of original, or first generation, county webpages. The original county pages are recognized by their distinctive green background and their Genuki style link logos across the top.


About half of the original county websites were later adopted by County Coordinators. See those by clicking on the IrelandGenWeb link at upper left. That will jump you to the GenClass server.

Additionally, the links at the bottom of this page still point to several databases. Thank you and enjoy your stroll through Ireland Projects History.


These databases displayed with permission, These pages copyrighted by Diana Hanson Muir 1999.


Church of Ireland Parish Records:

Gentlemen Knighted in Ireland:

Irish surnames in the sixteenth century:  

Irish surnames in the seventeenth century:  

Roman Catholic Parish Records:  

Ireland Passenger Lists in books (look-ups by volunteers): 

Ports of Immigration Indexes:  

Ports of Immigration Indexes#2:  

Peerages In Ireland during the 17th century:  

Immigration/Passenger Bibliography:



Sixty best links for Ireland Research:

See original UKGenWeb page for each Ireland county.

See second generation WGW/UKGW/IGW webpages still online at GenClass.

Ireland Counties under construction: Links will be re-established for this webpage.

LDS film numbers for Ireland Parish records:

Lookup Volunteers for Irish Records:

Index and Introductory Pages copyrighted by Don Kelly 2002

Databases copyrighted by Diana Hanson Muir 1998 - 2002

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