Ui Maine AKA Land of O'Kelly, Province of Connaught 13th century Ireland around Roscommon and Galway.

The following document was provided by Conor O'Kelly of Dublin, Ireland.

It is the front page of the ancient Book of Ui Maine AKA the Book of O'Kelly.

His email series and explanation follows:


Hope this does the trick Don. It's scanned from a fascimile of the Book of ui Maine in the Library of University College, Dublin.

I've been adding a few pages to OKelly Net as I go along...nothing too major over the last few months. I've a little more free time now and a few weeks ago I decided to give it a spring clean and update it with any new material I had come accross.

By chance I have found  a few good old books (dating 1500-late 1600's). And was scanning extracts from one when your mail came in. I had the Book of Ui Maine extracts open in front of me as well.  Good timing all round. The scanners been busted for months and I only got around to re-installing it yesterday!!!!!!!!!

Here you go...one scanned Book of Ui Maine page. No sign of the online databse yet. there are too many out there to compete with and I'm not a genealogist! But never say never....you'd never know what might turn up????

How are your endeavours coming along???